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It takes many professionals to bring a real estate transaction together. There is the financial institutions, the home inspectors, the lawyers and probably most important, the Real Estate Agent. You are out there with sellers and buyers trying to make dreams come true. Once you have made the sale you want to be sure the transaction goes smoothly and your client is dealt with properly. That is why it is so important for you to be able to advise your clients of services and professionals that can help them.

I offer a full range of legal services on my real estate transactions. I take care of everything for buyers and sellers from dealing with utilities, dealing with lenders, insurance companies, and you, the real estate agent. I believe in courteous, professional legal services and do what I can to make the client’s transaction a pleasant one. I will do house calls when necessary and often meet with clients out side of traditional hours.

I am readily available to answer agents legal questions during the course of negotiations or afterward, and strive to maintain the kind of professional relationship with agents that I think you expect and deserve.

I have been providing legal services in the Niagara Region since 1991, starting out in St. Catharines and am now practicing in (Chippawa) Niagara Falls. I grew up in Niagara Falls, continue to reside in the Falls and am currently raising my young family here.

Please take the time to review my fees for legal services which are also provided on this site. I look forward to working with you and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Whether you are considering the purchase of a new home, a resale, a condominium or a vacation property Paul Krowchuk has the experience and expertise that you need for a smooth transaction.  At affordable rates.


As your real estate lawyer Paul Krowchuk will protect your interests and ensure a smooth completion of your deal.  And ensure that your proceeds are available quickly